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Ground Operations Service

Smart Ground-Ops solutions for increased cost savings

Aviation Stationery Supplies

Boarding Cards SSK labels, Sick Bags all fly No fly products

now the addition of all Covid restriction PPE

Global Airline Providers

Partnering several leading airlines to create a valuable, loyal and extensive supply chain

Aviation Ground Operation Services

Aviation Services & Solutions provided by PCG:

PCG Aviation Services believes our service proposition within the marketplace is unique with expertise in both Inflight and Ground Operational services. This sets PCG Aviation Services apart from the competition, by providing our clients with award winning solutions through its team of Account Managers, meaning that PCG Aviation Services are fully accountable for the delivery of the operation, from order received and prioritisation of delivery. So, what is the platform that sits behind great client delivery – very simply its great people, great technology, great processes, and actionable insight.

Some of our key aviation services include:


Providing our clients with award winning solutions


Aircraft Exterior Dry & Wet Washing/Cleaning Services


Passenger Supports & TN Services incl Lost & Found


Specialist Valeting and Facility Services. Facilities Cleaning

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Our Aviation clients

At PCG Aviation Services we partner several airlines including Ryanair, SAS, Norwegian Air, City Jet and Sky Handling Partners. This valuable, loyal and extensive supply chain supports PCG Aviation Services to share the buying power across the airline sector delivering greater cost efficiencies.

Our SKU list is endless however here are a few of the fast moving items which we supply:

  • Boarding Cards SSK labels
  • Sick Bags
  • All fly No fly products with now the addition of all Covid restriction PPE

Dublin Airport

Norwegian Air

In-Flight & Ground Ops Stationery Global Supply.

PCG Aviation Services represents quality, integrity and prestige within the Airline services market. At PCG Aviation Services we have been able to demonstrate this ability through a number of key client deliverables and numerous successful tender wins. The PCG Aviation Services response demonstrates our ability to work as a partner with Norwegian Air and deliver and drive efficiency. At PCG Aviation Services we set great importance on business partnerships within the group which covers UK and Ireland, and value the pursuit of excellence across the supply chain in the delivery of our services. From the commencement of a contract, PCG Aviation Services have delivered value and have underpinned that with a service that is trusted, and open, communicative and supportive of Norwegian Air’s business and its key objectives.

Barcelona Airport

Ryanair DAC

PCG Aviation Services provide all kind of printing and merchandising for Ryanair DAC not only for Barcelona Airport but for all their locations.

Some of the items provided are:

  • thermal labels
  • Boarding cards,
  • Boarding tags
  • Lanyards
  • Security tapes
  • NCR
  • Binders
  • Collateral

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  • +44 1438 500 073

Ground Ops

Lost & Found

We manage the whole customer experience to returning lost property we are fully committed to returning personal property to its rightful owner with minimum disruption. Delivering a cost-effective solution

  • Cost effective
  • 24h support
  • Minimum distruption

Ground Ops

Aircraft Cabin Cleaning

A leading force in cleaning techniques, process, and product to ensure that your aircraft, both inside and out, is presented to your customers in the very best way. Our philosophy has always been to offer a wide range of professional services at the highest standards at extremely competitive prices. We regularly review the products used and our cleaning techniques to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solution that exceed the demands of a high profile, time critical turn around process. With a trained and courteous workforce, we ensure service excellence across every one of our cleaning solutions

  • Cost effective
  • Regular reviews
  • Exceed time critical demands
  • Trained workforce

Ground Ops

Wet & Dry Exterior Aircraft Washing

Our wet washing technique gives you the ability to wash the full exterior of an aircraft during downtime. By using specialist chemicals and equipment, dirt, grease and debris can be removed quicker,delivering a cost-effective option compared to a dry wash.

Our dry washing technique gives you the ability to wash the full exterior of an aircraft during downtime, without the need for a foul water draining system or fresh water supply. By using specialist chemicals and equipment, dirt, grease and debris can be removed both on line (on a live parking stand), or during maintenance, in a hangar facility.

  • OEM approved chemicals
  • Cost effective
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